Steinway Solar Cooling System Is Largest In The World


Steinway & Sons says it has installed the largest solar-powered rooftop system in the world to provide cool air to dehumidify the factory and protect the precision pianos inside. The $875,000 solar system is partly funded through a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and through federal tax credits. It will function as a beta site for the tri-state area.

The system, which will be completed in late spring, pumps solar-heated water into an 80-ton double-effect absorption chiller that serves as a heat exchanger. The chiller removes the superheated water and leaves cool air for dehumidifying. Lower humidity in the factory provides a more stable environment, with no moisture to threaten the construction of the pianos, the company says. In winter, the system will convert water to steam to heat the factory.

SOURCE: Steinway & Sons

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