StellarNet Releases Monitoring System For Solar Simulators


Tampa, Fla.-based StellarNet has developed a new solar monitoring system to evaluate solar simulator spectral match according to standardization organizations. The complete National Institute of Standards and Technology-traceable system consists of a portable UV-VIS-NIR grating based spectrometer, fiber-optic cable and light receptor. SpectraWiz spectroscopy application software now includes a new solar match application panel that can be used to characterize and classify solar simulators.Â

The Solar Match Monitor application panel calculates spectral irradiance from 400 n to 500 nm, 500 nm to 600 nm, 600 nm to 700 nm, 700 nm to 800 nm, 800 nm to 900 nm, 900 nm to 1000 nm and 1000 nm to 1100 nm, and compares the results to the ideal percent for each range per IEC/JIS/ASTM. The proximity of the measured data to the ideal values results in classification of the solar simulator lamp from A through D.

In addition to the new Solar Match Monitor application panel, SpectraWiz also includes a multitude of radiometric and spectral analysis tools and calculations. User-customizable SpectraWiz LabVIEW programs and Excel programs for operation from Visual Basic Automation are included with every system.

StellarNet miniature spectrometer systems are designed to be rugged with permanent alignment and no moving parts for shockproof and portable reliability, the company adds. Plug-and-play USB-2 connection and powering options allow for measurement flexibility in any testing environment.

StellarNet Inc.: (813) 855-8687

SOURCE: StellarNet Inc.

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