STMicroelectronics Develops Silicon Carbide Diodes


STMicroelectronics has introduced silicon carbide (SiC) diodes – the STPSC806D and STPSC1006D Schottky diodes – for use in converters for solar power systems. The company says the SiC technology can eliminate power-supply switching losses, improve efficiency and reduce heat.

According to STMicroelectronics, ordinary silicon diodes used in switched-mode power supplies can lose up to 1% efficiency by not turning off immediately. Silicon carbide technology helps save this energy, which is normally lost during switching.

The new SiC technology also enables engineers to consider a lower maximum current rating for the diode, allowing smaller components to be used without sacrificing usable power. In high-power applications, heatsinks can be made smaller, leading to more compact power supplies that deliver higher power densities.

STMicroelectronics: (212) 821-8959

SOURCE: STMicroelectronics

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