Sulfurcell Renames Itself Soltecture To Reflect New Product Focus


On the 10th anniversary of its founding, Berlin, Germany-based thin-film PV manufacturer Sulfurcell has renamed itself Soltecture. The name change is designed to reflect the company's evolution into offering integrated solar products.

‘With the renaming, we are signaling and underlining the development of the company from module manufacturer to a provider of optimum integrated PV system solutions,’ says CEO and founder Dr. Nikolaus Meyer.

Since the end of 2008, Soltecture has been working on second-generation technology, which deploys a copper indium sulfide layer based on selenium instead of sulfur. In the laboratory, this technology has been proven to yield the highest efficiencies in the thin-film space, according to Soltecture. The modules can be produced using the same equipment as the company's sulfur-based cells, with the exception of machinery for the coating process.

Soltecture notes that it now also offers standardized solutions for the integration of thin-film modules into roofs and facades, and in other applications.

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