Sun Number Develops New Solar Analysis And Sales Tool


Sun Number LLC has released a new tool designed to improve solar companies' capabilities to analyze the solar potential of properties and close sales with customers.

The tool, developed with support from the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot program, utilizes high-resolution aerial data, advanced GIS technology and proprietary algorithms to produce instant analyses of the solar potential of residential and commercial building rooftops, the company explains. Solar companies can immediately obtain information about a property's solar suitability without an on-site visit.

Sun Number helps solar companies identify properties that have high solar suitability for proactive sales efforts. The online tool also shortens the sales cycle by providing suitability information for properties, including specifics on rooftop morphology and the impact of shade, the company adds. It takes into account the pitch of every roof section, the orientation of every roof plane, shade created by surrounding buildings and shade created by surrounding vegetation that might impact solar potential.

Additionally, Sun Number scores take into account regional factors, such as average sunshine for the market, atmospheric conditions, availability of local solar incentives, regional cost of electricity for calculation of solar savings, and other factors.

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