Sun Well Solar, Oerlikon Complete Ramp-Up Of 40 MW Line


Oerlikon Solar and Sun Well Solar, a subsidiary of CMC Magnetics, have finished the ramp-up of a 40 MW amorphous thin-film silicon production line – one month ahead of schedule. The Sun Well IEC certification was earned in October 2008.

According to the companies, the completion of the Sun Well production ramp-up marks the first successful end-to-end installation of a thin-film silicon production line within the PV industry. The plant produces over 1,250 panels – or 110 kW – per day. Oerlikon Solar and Sun Well have plans to expand Sun Well's production capacity in the future.

On this project, Oerlikon Solar implemented a front- and back-contact method in its production lines. A low-pressure chemical vapor deposition process was used to generate a transparent and conductive transparent conductive oxide layer. Oerlikon says these techniques provide superior performance.

SOURCE: Oerlikon Solar

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