SunEdison Constructing 7 MW Of Ground-Mounted Solar PV In Spain


SunEdison has begun construction on 7 MW of photovoltaic solar power plants in Spain with joint venture partners Sunergy and Blue-Green Capital. The four ground-mounted systems will be completed by the third quarter of 2008, the companies say.

‘SunEdison has been an excellent joint venture partner with a strong global infrastructure for financing, building, operating and maintaining utility-scale PV systems,’ says Christophe Lövenich, managing partner of Sunergy. ‘As this joint venture builds these projects in Spain, we can work well with existing infrastructure to make photovoltaic solar a significant part of the total energy solution.’

‘We are excited to be working with local experts Blue-Green Capital and Sunergy on utility-scale projects in Spain,’ adds Tom Rainwater, CEO of SunEdison. ‘These joint ventures underscore our commitment to finding the best suppliers and partners at the local level to deliver utility-scale PV solar.’

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