SunEdison Rural Energy Fund Recognized As 501(c)(3)


California-based solar energy services firm SunEdison says its SunEdison Rural Energy Fund (SREF) nonprofit has received Internal Revenue Service recognition as a 501(c)(3) public charity.

SREF focuses on providing solar energy to hospitals, schools and other institutions in rural and remote areas that cannot afford the upfront costs of a photovoltaic installation.

‘We are combining our efforts to help provide electricity to rural populations with not-for-profit organizations,’ says Ahmad Chatila, president and CEO of SunEdison, citing one program to install solar-powerd water pumps to villages in India." Supporting SREF allows us to extend our reach to other geographies where there are people in need.’

SREF's SunFarmer provides long-term financing and technical assistance to health clinics and schools that can benefit from solar, but can't afford the upfront cost.

For more information about SREF and SunFarmer, click here.

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