Sunergy World Plans 10 MW Solar Installation At Boise Airport


Sunergy World, a Boise, Idaho-based provider of renewable energy project services, will construct a 10 MW photovoltaic facility on property west of Boise Airport. The announcement was made by Boise Mayor David Bieter during his 2010 State of the City address.

The $45 million project will be built with Transform Solar modules and Sun Storage ground-mounted arrays, which will be installed on the former city dump property. The power produced will be sold locally under a standard power purchase agreement.

The project is expected to retain 20 local manufacturing jobs and create 20 construction jobs to build the facility, according to Bieter's office. The proposal also calls for construction of state-of-the-art solar parking structures in the airport parking lot near Orchard Street.

SOURCE: Office Of Boise Mayer David Bieter

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