Sunetric Deploys Solar-To-Grid Curtailment Solution At Hawaiian Resort


Sunetric, a wholly owned subsidiary of RGS Energy, has deployed a 198.8 kW photovoltaic system at a resort on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

The system, which has automated curtailment and smart-grid controls, is funded and owned by Kairos Energy Capital, a Hawaii-based merchant bank that finances and invests in solar.

The project incorporates solar panels onto a parking canopy and is expected to save the resort more than $30,000 annually in energy costs. All electricity generated by the system is consumed by the local facility and is not fed back into the utility grid.

Aaron Kirk, president of Sunetric, says the project is a"solar-to-grid curtailment solution that overcomes utility grid saturation concerns common in the Hawaiian Islands."

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