Sungrow Receives UL Compliance Certificate for North American Market


Sungrow, a global supplier of inverter solutions in the renewables market, says the company’s ST556kWh-250UD energy storage system (ESS) has received the UL9540 certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland for the North American C&I energy storage market. 

Receiving UL’s certification demonstrates that Sungrow’s ESS solution meets the comprehensive requirements in system safety and compliance.

As one of the world’s largest energy storage markets, North America holds rigid standards for energy storage systems. The ESS ST556kWh-250UD is in compliance with UL9540, UL9540A and the updated National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) criteria NFPA 855 and NFPA 70. 

“The UL9540 certified solution ST556kWh-250UD has a compact design, a small footprint and an optimized thermal performance,” says Hank Wang, president of Sungrow America. 

“We are delighted to bring our technology to the North American storage market and bundle it with comprehensive technical support, sales and after-sales services,” he adds.

Equipped with 556 kWh of Samsung SDI Mega E3 lithium batteries, the system can achieve higher power densities and reduces operating costs. The E-stop function enables arc protection for better safety management. Housed in an outdoor cabinet, the PCS and batteries are designed compartmentally. 

The battery compartment integrates HVAC overhead to guarantee that the battery works at a constant ambient temperature, ensuring longer battery life and safety. With an anti-corrosion capacity of C5, the system is resilient to harsh conditions, like coastal and high-pollution industrial areas.

Photo: Sungrow’s Storage System web page

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