Sungrow Solar-Plus-Storage Platform Installed at Utility-Scale


Inverter manufacturer Sungrow says its first 1500 VDC DC-coupled PV-plus-storage system has been connected to a 9 MW/3.836 MWh utility-scale storage project developed by 174 Power Global under the Jacksonville Electric Authority’s SolarSmart initiative in Jacksonville, Fla.

The power will be purchased by JEA to offer customers a way to benefit from solar energy without installing solar panels on their roofs.

“174 Power Global selected Sungrow for the portfolio due to Sungrow’s sophisticated and integrated offer, proven experience and bankability,” says Henry Yun, president of 174 Power Global.

The project integrated Sungrow’s 1500 VDC PV turnkey station (SG2500U) and DC-DC energy storage system (ST1918KWH-D750HV). The containerized solution features high efficiency and a high DC/AC ratio of 1.5, ensuring an optimized LCOE.

A DC-coupled system typically has lower interconnection costs than an AC-coupled system, as it relies on only a single point of interconnection. But the energy is captured and stored at the DC level, preventing a loss in efficiency. The technology improves the overall energy output of the hybrid system while optimizing equipment and installation costs and increasing overall system reliability.

Sungrow inverters have been integrated into 87 GW of installed solar capacity worldwide.

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4 years ago

Sungrow US can’t be trusted. After the sale they hide and don’t deliver. They ignore non Chinese buyers after the sale.