Suniva Modules Meet New PID Certification


PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), says that solar PV module manufacturer Suniva has received the highest level of certification as free of potential induced degradation (PID) under a stringent new PID testing program.

PVEL created the PID certification program to provide manufacturers and project investors with detailed intelligence about how PV products withstand a common cause of performance degradation and module failure.

Although there are still no industry-wide acknowledged test standards available, PID in crystalline cell technologies is quickly gaining industry attention, according to PVEL. Lab engineers measured the stability of the Suniva panels' electrical output when the units were exposed to high system voltages (positive and negative 1 kV) under harsh environmental conditions (85 degrees C at 85% relative humidity) for 600 hours. The Suniva module performed far better than the allowable degradation limit, PVEL says.

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