Suniva Teams With OneWorld Sustainable On School Projects


Suniva, a Norcross, Ga.-headquartered manufacturer of silicon photovoltaic cells, and OneWorld Sustainable, a renewable energy company, are partnering to install solar panels using Suniva's PV cells in schools across the state.

OneWorld has had ongoing involvement with Sun Power for Schools, an educational program created four years ago by nonprofit Green Power Electric Membership Cooperative (Green Power EMC). School administrators across Georgia use the program to teach students about renewable energy and the many benefits of sustainable living, the companies explain.

Green Power EMC is Georgia's first renewable energy program and currently comprises 38 individual EMCs. For each school participating in the Sun Power for Schools program, Green Power EMC donates small, interactive grid-tied PV systems and brings online PV system monitoring into the classroom.

SOURCES: Suniva, OneWorld Sustainable

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