SunLink Handles Solar O&M At Arizona State University


SunLink Corp. has taken on operations and maintenance (O&M) responsibility for a group of tracker and rooftop solar projects at Arizona State University (ASU) totaling nearly 2 MW. This win for SunLink’s PowerCare program is the latest in a series of solar installations and O&M contracts since the company launched its enhanced PowerCare program in July 2015.

“In levelized-cost-of-energy analyses, it becomes clear how significant a role O&M plays in the cost equation of solar energy projects over time. Given that fact, it’s surprising that O&M is arguably the most neglected piece of the project stack when it comes to the investments our industry has made in improvements and optimization,” says SunLink VP of Products Kate Trono. “With PowerCare and our project intelligence platform VERTEX, we set out to change that reality and revolutionize asset management and performance on a global scale.”

SunLink says VERTEX is its SCADA and performance-monitoring platform that connects grid operators and project stakeholders with real-time project performance intelligence. ASU has elected to install VERTEX on the tracker installations for which SunLink will be responsible in order to improve its O&M efficiencies.

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