SunLink Introduces New Modular Racking System


SunLink Corp. has launched Precision-Modular RMS, the newest addition to its Precision RMS solar racking family.

SunLink says its inaugural Precision RMS product, released in July 2012, helped make it possible to install solar on roofs with weak decks and in high snow and wind zones. Now, the company says its Precision-Modular RMS solves the challenge posed by rooftop obstructions.

The system is assembled, laid out and installed module-by-module to maximize layout flexibility and facilitate last-minute on-roof changes, according to SunLink. The modular approach also aims to help shorten design/engineering, shipping and installation timelines.

Precision-Modular is currently available for 60- and 72-cell modules and at a 10-degree tilt.

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