SunLink Rolls Out Large-Scale GMS Portrait Ground-Mount Racking System


SunLink Corp. has launched the Large-Scale GMS Portrait, the newest addition to the company's Large-Scale GMS family of fixed-tilt, ground-mount racking systems for commercial and utility-scale solar projects.

According to the company, the new product solves ground-mount project challenges such as space restrictions, steep or uneven terrain, demanding lead times and module variations.

With a 20% east-west terrain following capability, Large-Scale GMS Portrait can be installed on ungraded sites, as well as those with a constant slope or rolling terrain. It is also designed for incremental array sizing via smaller tables to streamline project design.
Importantly, says SunLink, the new product is module independent to eliminate any delays formerly posed by changes in module choice.

In connection with Large-Scale GMS Portrait, SunLink offers project management and engineering support, as well as a suite of geotechnical, post driving and mechanical installation options.

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