SunLink To Supply Hardware For BP Solar Projects


SunLink, a designer and manufacturer of commercial photovoltaic mounting systems, has been selected to supply the mounting hardware for BP Solar's recently announced project to construct solar electric systems on 10 to 20 stores for a major retailer in California.

The SunLink mounting systems were on display when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, R-Calif., toured one of the stores as part of the Earth Day announcement by SunLink and BP Solar of a power purchase agreement (PPA). Under the PPA, BP will finance, install and maintain photovoltaic solar power systems in California. The retailer will have immediate access to clean electricity, with no up-front capital cost.

SunLink supplied BP Solar with the mounting hardware for the 3,120-panel system, which uses SunLink 20-degree angle mounting brackets to supply 530 kW of power to the store. SunLink engineers worked with BP Solar to provide a working layout to maximize the roof space in order to deliver the most power, the companies add.

SOURCES: SunLink, BP Solar

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