SunLink Upgrades And Rebrands Solar Ground-Mount System


California-based SunLink Corp. says it has rebranded its large-scale GMS fixed-tilt ground-mount system for commercial- and utility-scale solar projects and added new enhancements for product flexibility.

In addition to solving project challenges like irregular site boundaries, steep or uneven terrain, and last-minute module changes, the system, renamed GeoPro, can now overcome pile driving refusals quickly and withstand snow loads of up to 50 psf without increasing post cross sections, according to the company.

SunLink says enhancements to GeoPro include foundation options: W-section, round post, screw pile, helical, cast-in-place ballast or a hybrid of options; swap-in ballast in the field at a single location when refusals or abnormal soils are encountered; and optional addition of third foundation on each table to standardize table sizes across a portfolio.

“The great news is that the total amount of installed solar continues to ramp up around the globe. But with that comes a growing diversity of environments for which our solutions need to be well suited,” explains Kate Trono, the company’s vice president of products. “Developers and installers have been clamoring for electrical and mechanical designs with built-in flexibility that will allow them to standardize across larger portfolios and move more quickly. That’s exactly what we designed GeoPro to do, and why we’re continuing to innovate.”

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