Sunlogics, Energizer Launch New Solar Energy Initiative


Sunlogics, a solar energy system provider, has teamed with Energizer, a manufacturer of batteries and other products, on an initiative that the companies say is designed to help accelerate the adoption of renewable energy through solar power installations.

The initiative includes electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, commercial rooftop and ground mount panels and a residential solar program designed and built by Sunlogics and carrying the Energizer brand.

The EV solar charging stations are designed to meet the charging needs of the growing EV market. The 10 kW and 20 kW solar charging stations will be installed in prominent high traffic areas in North America.

Sunlogics will use its Energizer branded solar panels in solar project development throughout North America, Asia and Europe for large commercial and industrial installations. The company also plans to offer an Energizer-branded program for the residential markets.

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