SunMaxx Solar Now Offering Electric Grid-Tie Solar Systems


SunMaxx Solar, a manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, says it will now offer turnkey solar electric grid-tied systems with its solar hot water systems. Customers can now purchase solar electric components – including inverters, PV modules, racking and cabling – directly from SunMaxx Solar.

According to the company, the PV kit addition to the SunMaxx product line offering will help SunMaxx installers save on shipping costs and logistics by ordering from one central supplier. It will also assist them in growing their individual solar thermal business by offering PV and thermal as a combined product offering.

Prepackaged kits are available for tilted, ground-mounted and pole-mounted systems. SunMaxx also provides commercial prepackaged kits. System sizes range from 50 kW to 500 kW.

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