Sunnova Offers Roofing+Solar Bundle Financing


Sunnova Energy International Inc. has launched a new product that bundles financing for roof replacements with a Sunnova solar or solar+battery storage system under a single loan or finance agreement. 

The new product will allow customers to work with a single Sunnova dealer who will coordinate both the installation of a new roof and the installation of the solar or solar+battery storage system, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free customer service experience, says the company.

This product offering will enable homeowners to install a new, durable roof together with a state-of-the-art home solar system, helping to defer future roofing and solar removal and reinstallation expenses. In addition, the finance agreement provides homeowners with additional incentives, as their new roof will be constructed with high-quality materials and covered by both a 25-year manufacturer’s and 10-year workmanship warranty. In addition, Sunnova solar systems are covered by the Sunnova Protect 25-year service guarantee.

“As we continue to see rising demand for residential solar, we often find potential customers who want to go solar, but the age or condition of their roof prohibits us from being able to install solar without the replacement of their roof,” says William J. Berger, CEO of Sunnova. Juridique gratuit met à votre service des conseillers qualifiés pour vous répondre Avocat en ligne

“This unique offering is focused squarely on addressing this issue – enabling more homeowners to choose a clean and affordable energy system with the convenience of a bundled roof and solar service from a trusted provider,” he adds. “This product will help address a real gap in the marketplace.”

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