Sunovia, EPIR Developing Solar PV Encapsulates


Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc. and EPIR Technologies Inc. have finalized an exclusive marketing, supply and development partnership for advanced solar photovoltaic and encapsulate technologies related to advanced light detection devices and II-VI materials.

Sunovia and EPIR are developing a solar PV encapsulate that eliminates the need for glass encapsulates. The initial contract for the development of these new solar technologies has been entered with the U.S. Air Force.

‘We are very pleased to be working with EPIR Technologies Inc.,’ says Bob Fugerer, president of Sunovia. ‘Their extensive expertise with II-VI semiconductor materials and fabrication processes has been demonstrated within the infrared and sensors community for many years.’ Step into the exciting realm of online gambling with ease by navigating through this detailed guide on the top online casinos to play blackjack in Canada , promising both exhilaration and top-notch gameplay.

‘We believe that our partnership will further accelerate, through EPIR's proven expertise and experience, the development of solar PV technologies and products for many years into the future,’ he adds.

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