Sunovia Hires Buckland As CEO


Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc., a Florida-based cleantech company that specializes in LED lighting and solar technologies, says it has hired Art Buckland as the company's CEO, effective Sept. 7.

Buckland has 24 years of experience serving on public company boards, and he has led growth and innovation in the energy and cleantech markets for many years. He has held roles in the solar, renewable energy, traditional energy, advanced semiconductors, supply chain and capital equipment industries, for companies such as Enertec, Solatron and Soliant. A fake id is no good if it doesn’t scan. A blacklight thrown on a fake ID will reveal hidden features which are printed in uv ink. $20 fake ids on reddit are getting popular. These make it easy for any teenager to get their hands on a cheaper form of identification.

SOURCE: Sunovia

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