SunPower Claims New Solar Module Efficiency Record


California-based SunPower says that its latest X-Series solar panel, the X22, reached a record 22.8% efficiency, as recently verified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

“Solar technology differs widely from brand to brand, so it’s important for consumers to consider that not all panels deliver the same amount of energy, look elegant on a roof or are guaranteed to last as long as promised,” remarks SunPower President Howard Wenger.

SunPower further claims its X-Series panels produce over 70% more energy than “conventional” panels do in the same space over the first 25 years.

The company says this latest efficiency record follows its three previous ones over the past few years, including 19.5% efficiency in May 2010 with its E19 solar panel, 20% efficiency in July 2011 with its E20 solar panel, and 21% efficiency in April 2013 with its X21 solar panel.

SunPower’s E-Series and X-Series solar panels are currently available to consumers in the U.S. The E-Series and X21 solar panels are also available to consumers in Europe, Japan and Australia.

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