SunPower Completes 1 MW PV System


SunPower Corp. has installed a 1 MW solar power rooftop system on three buildings at Agilent's headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif.

This is SunPower's second project with Agilent, following the design and installation of a 1 MW solar tracking system at Agilent's Santa Rosa, Calif., campus last year. Agilent expects to save $3.5 million in energy costs in the first 10 years of operation.

The system features the SunPower T5 Solar Roof Tile, the solar industry's first non-penetrating rooftop product that combines a high-efficiency SunPower solar panel, frame and mounting system into a single pre-engineered unit, the company notes. Tilted at a five-degree angle, the T5 Roof Tile system approximately doubles the energy generated per square meter compared to systems that are mounted flat onto commercial rooftops.

SOURCE: SunPower Corp.

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