SunPower Completes 1.4 MW Solar Electric System In South Korea


SunPower Corp. has completed the construction of a 1.4 MW solar electric power plant project in Hampyeong, South Korea. The company worked with Korean energy company EnE System to complete the plant, which is owned by Hampyeong Solar Plus and will generate 1.8 million kWh per year.

‘By utilizing the highest-efficiency SunPower solar technology, Hampyeong Solar Plus is maximizing both their financial returns and the environmental benefits of this solar power plant,’ says Stanley S.K. Bae, SunPower's general manager in Korea.

‘We selected SunPower based on the company's experience with utility-scale power plant projects, as well as the efficiency and proven reliability of SunPower's technology,’ adds Sang Kug Moon, managing director of EnE System.

SOURCE: SunPower

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