SunPower Completes 1.9 MW Solar System At Del Monte Foods


Del Monte Foods and SunPower Corp. plan to dedicate a new 1.9 MW solar power system installed at two of Del Monte's manufacturing plants. According to the companies, the two installations, when combined, represent the largest solar rooftop system in California's Central Valley.

Del Monte estimates the system will deliver approximately $500,000 in savings on electrical costs in the first year of operation and $25 million over its expected 30-year lifetime.

Del Monte's Hanford, Calif., plant is hosting a 1.2 MW SunPower solar installation. The companies, Kingsburg, Calif., plant is now home to a 759 kW installation. Combined, the new solar system features 9,080 solar panels, covering nearly 200,000 square feet of rooftop.

SOURCE: SunPower Corp.

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