SunPower Debuts Its Equinox Integrated Solar Power Solution


SunPower has introduced a residential solar solution called Equinox – a platform “in which every major component has been designed and engineered by one company to work seamlessly together.”

“This powerfully elegant solution produces 70 percent more energy with 70 percent fewer visible parts compared to conventional solar, and we’re backing it by the best combined power and product warranty in the industry,” says SunPower’s Howard Wenger.

Each Equinox system features SunPower’s solar panels, microinverters and InvisiMount mounting system. SunPower’s EnergyLink ecosystem is also included, enabling the tracking of energy production and consumption in real time. Moreover, Equinox installations feature a 25-year product and power warranty for the entire solar array.

“Conventional home solar design and systems can be complicated and not harmonious, with companies assembling disparate parts − each built in isolation by different manufacturers,” Wenger adds. “For homeowners, this piecemeal approach can result in decreased performance, substandard reliability, low-quality aesthetics and longer installation times. SunPower is uniquely positioned to offer a holistic solution like the SunPower Equinox system.”

SunPower also offers its Oasis Power Plant – an integrated utility solar platform – and the SunPower Helix system for commercial rooftops.

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