SunPower, Grundfos Pumps Complete 1.1 MW Solar System


Grundfos Pumps Corp. and SunPower Corp. have dedicated a 1.1 MW solar power system at the Grundfos facility in Fresno, Calif. The system features a ground-mounted, high-efficiency SunPower sun-tracking system on a 7.5-acre site.

At the Grundfos site, SunPower designed and installed a system that utilizes SunPower solar panels and the SunPower Tracker system. The Tracker follows the sun's movement during the day, increasing sunlight capture by up to 25% over conventional fixed-tilt systems, while significantly reducing land-use requirements, according to SunPower.

Grundfos financed the project through financier Morgan Stanley under the SunPower Access power purchase agreement program. Grundfos is purchasing the electricity generated from the system from Morgan Stanley, which owns and operates the system.Â

SOURCE: SunPower Corp.

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