SunPower Introduces E19 Series Large Photovoltaic Modules


SunPower Corp. has released the new SunPower E19 Series solar panels, a product line that offers modules in a 96-cell or 72-cell configuration. According to the company, these modules offer a record efficiency of 19% or greater.

The SunPower E19 Series includes the E19 / 318 W, 96-cell solar panel with an efficiency rating of 19.5%, and the E19 / 238 W, 72-cell solar panel with an efficiency of 19.1%.Â

The modules feature larger, more powerful all-back contact solar cells that deliver more surface area per cell, boosting panel efficiency by reducing unutilized space, the company says. The panels also have an anti-reflective coating that allows for more diffuse off-angle light to be captured, generating more energy per rated watt than a conventional solar panel.

The coating and the larger-area cells result in a darker, more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The E19 Series maximum efficiency solar panels are optimum for constrained roof space, according to SunPower.

SunPower: (800) 786-7693

SOURCE: SunPower Corp.

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