SunPower Launches New T20 Tracker


SunPower Corp., a manufacturer of solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, has introduced the newest addition to its SunPower T20 Tracker line. The newest T20 Tracker is a single-axis, ground-mounted tracker that incorporates 128-cell, 400 W solar panels. It is pre-assembled and offers customers a choice of design options to meet specific site needs.

According to SunPower, the tracker has fewer moving parts and refined mechanical structure, providing increased reliability, durability, less maintenance and high wind resistance. Each T20 Tracker unit generates up to 3.7 kW of power and, by following the sun, delivers up to 30% more energy than a fixed tilt system of the same capacity, the company adds.

The T20 Tracker also incorporates the SunPower TMAC Advanced Tracker Controller, which includes real-time tracker status updates, remote monitoring and control, proprietary energy production optimization algorithms and reliability in harsh environments.

SunPower will begin constructing power plant projects using the new T20 Tracker beginning in early 2010.

SunPower: (408) 240-5500

SOURCE: SunPower

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