SunPower Solar Cells To Power Solar Catamaran


SunPower Corp. says its solar cells have been selected to power PlanetSolar's new solar catamaran. The solar boat, currently under construction, is expected to be the largest of its kind, says SunPower.

Designed by a team of international engineers, construction of the solar catamaran is expected to be completed in February 2010 and will be the first solar boat to embark on a round-the-world tour. Approximately 38,000 of SunPower's cells will be incorporated into the skin of the catamaran. Each cell offers a minimum efficiency of approximately 22%.

The boat is expected to be the fastest solar boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean and the first to cross both the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Stopovers include Hamburg, Germany; London; Paris; New York; San Francisco; Singapore; and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The solar boat will be available for public display during each of its stops, offering an educational opportunity to all visitors.

SOURCE: SunPower Corp.

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