SunPower Solar Panels Complete Atlas Testing Program


SunPower Corp. says its E20/327 solar panel underwent the Atlas 25+ PV durability testing program and received certification by SGS. The company says its panel showed less than 2% power degradation over the course of the testing regimen.

The Atlas 25+ testing protocol includes long-term environmental exposure that requires modules to have less than 8% degradation over the testing period in order to receive SGS certification. Atlas says the program exposes solar panels to a series of stresses, including UV-A/UV-B exposure, salt spray corrosion, condensing humidity, solar/thermal humidity cycle, solar/thermal humidity freeze cycle, Arizona and Florida solar tracking -including peak summer -and initial, final and multiple interval measurements. Â

SunPower says that in addition to achieving less than 2% power loss, the E20/327 solar panel also passed two additional criteria: no visual aesthetic changes and no change in electroluminescence.

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