SunPower Starts Production Of 24% Efficient Maxeon Cell


SunPower Corp. says its third-generation SunPower Maxeon solar cell is now in commercial production. This solar cell delivers sunlight to electricity conversion efficiency of up to a record 24%, according to SunPower.

The Maxeon all-back-contact solar cell measures 160 mm in size. It features low reverse-bias breakdown voltage to deliver better performance in shady and dusty conditions, and better temperature coefficient for increased energy harvest in hot environments, SunPower adds. The latest version also offers improved aesthetics with a consistent, homogenous black look.

The new Maxeon solar cells are currently being integrated into select SunPower solar panels that can deliver efficiencies exceeding 20%. These panels contain up to 128 solar cells per panel and will be availability in limited quantities this year.

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