Sunpreme, Turtle & Hughes Introduce New Bi-Facial Solar PV Modules


Sunpreme Inc., a global solar photovoltaic company based in Sunnyvale, Calif., has joined together with electrical distributor Turtle & Hughes in a strategic partnership to offer new bi-facial solar PV modules to the market.

‘By partnering with Sunpreme, we are able to offer a truly technically advanced and a high-performance module at a competitive price,’ says James Shanahan, president of the West Coast division at Turtle & Hughes.

According to Sunpreme, its Smart bi-facial solar PV modules provide advanced functionality that maximizes energy yield and peak string level and also lowers system costs by increasing string length. The Smart module components enable users to monitor system performance accurately in real time and are compliant with the new NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown safety standards.

The modules are double glass, frameless, and easy to install with new racking and mounting solutions, and they feature 21.5% efficient cells enabling 310 W 60-cell and 370 W 72-cell solar modules.

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