SunReports Receives CSI Thermal Program Approval


SunReports Inc., a provider of performance-monitoring solutions for residential and small commercial PV and solar thermal installations, says it has met the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal Program's requirements for monitoring systems.

CSI has also selected SunReports as an official provider of performance data, meaning data collected from SunReports devices will be used to determine whether solar installations meet performance requirements for the statewide solar system rebate program.

In order to comply with CSI's flow-meter requirements, SunReports has partnered with Grundfos, incorporating the full line of Grundfos VFS sensors into SunReports' monitoring system to satisfy the needs of CSI's Customer Performance Monitoring classification. To meet the even tighter specifications of the Measurement and Evaluation and True Up classifications, SunReports partnered with ONICON, integrating its line of flow sensors and Btu meters.

SOURCE: SunReports

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