Sunrun Launches mySunrun Tool To Manage And Share Electricity Production


Sunrun Inc., one of the largest residential solar companies in the U.S., has now introduced mySunrun, a new tool for customers to interact with their home solar system.

This new tool encompasses an enhanced customer website and new mobile phone app, providing Sunrun customers with new ways to track production, socially share savings insights with friends and manage their customer accounts.

With mySunrun, customers have access to the following capabilities:

  • Electricity tracking: At the touch of a button, users can access their solar electricity production in real time and monitor their solar system's production by week, month and year;
  • Social sharing: With built-in social media tools, customers can share the benefits of going solar via Facebook, Twitter and text messages; and
  • Easy referrals: Customers can instantly refer others to Sunrun, either through the app or the website, in addition to viewing past referrals and money earned.

‘Sunrun solar puts customers in control of how they generate and use electricity in their home,’ says Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer at Sunrun. ‘The new mySunrun will provide the tools they need to better understand their solar system and the impact it's having on their wallet and in creating a better world to live in.’

The mySunrun app can be downloaded for Android and iOS through Apple's App Store, Google Play or on

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