SunSil Releases Integrated PV Module


SunSil Photovoltaic Products, based in Toftlund, Denmark, has introduced a PV module for the commercial and residential markets. According to SunSil, this module can increase system yields by up to 30% and reduce initial costs.

SunSil's module SunSil integrates all of the components of a standard PV system into one 230 V, 300 W AC module using embedded electronics, a micro-inverter and software designed to harvest the maximum amount of electricity from the sun in any condition and throughout the day, the company explains.

SunSil laser-cuts each six-inch square cell into microcells. Each is monitored and dynamically controlled by the company's patented Dynamic Microcell Optimisation technology to provide the optimum output for the whole module. The integrated architecture means that the module can be assembled in few steps with the use of a fully automated and high-throughput manufacturing line, with four to six times the output of standard PV module assembly lines, SunSil adds.

Initial production will begin in the fourth quarter of this year, with volume production scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2011. The modules are currently undergoing certification by Intertek.

SunSil: 45 73831420Â


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