Suntech Activates Solar Power System For City Of Santa Barbara


Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd., in partnership with the city of Santa Barbara, Calif., and Tioga Energy, has activated Santa Barbara's new large-scale solar power system. The 384 kW DC system is the first large-scale solar deployment for the city of Santa Barbara, as well as the largest solar power system in the city, Suntech says.

The system, which is spread among the city's Corporate Yard roofs, features Suntech modules designed to minimize aesthetic impact while providing maximum energy output. Suntech Energy Solutions says it installed the system in fall 2008 in less than three months.

The solar system is financed and operated by Tioga Energy through its SurePath solar power purchase agreement (PPA). Through the SurePath PPA agreement, Tioga Energy will sell the energy generated by the system to the city at a fixed price over the 20-year contract term.

SOURCES: Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd., Tioga Energy, City of Santa Barbara

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