Suntech Awarded VDE Test Data Acceptance Program Certification


Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. has announced that it is the first solar company in Asia to be awarded the VDE Test Data Acceptance Program (TDAP) certificate in accordance with all the requirements of IEC 61215.

As part of the program, VDE will regularly send experienced personnel to witness the implementation of key quality tests and procedures at Suntech. Participation in the TDAP is expected to accelerate Suntech's ongoing IEC certification process from approximately seven months to four months, enabling Suntech to bring the latest solar products to market faster, the company explains.

Suntech says its PV module testing facility is the largest in China, with 1,400 square meters and 7,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor testing space, respectively. The test equipment includes a walk-in UV light chamber, a walk-in salt mist chamber, a water vapor test, pulse and continuous solar simulators, walk-in climate chambers, mechanical load and hail testers, electroluminescence testers, and high-precision infrared cameras to evaluate module integrity.

All the equipment and testing procedures meet or exceed UL1703, IEC61215 and IEC61730-2 standards, Suntech adds.

SOURCE: Suntech

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