Suntech Debuts HiPerforma Module Product Line In Europe


Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. has launched its HiPerforma product line with the introduction of HiPerforma Pluto Vdm-295 and HiPerforma Wdm-245 in Europe.

Both products, which are immediately available, utilize Suntech's Pluto cell processing technology, which, according to the company, allows cells to absorb more sunlight and generate more electricity than do traditional cells.

The new HiPerforma Pluto Vdm-295, a 295 W panel utilizing 72 six-inch multicrystalline cells, is suitable for both commercial rooftop and utility-scale electricity generation. The new HiPerforma Pluto Wdm-245, a 245 W panel utilizing 60 six-inch polycrystalline cells, is a universal product that is ideal for various applications, Suntech says.

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