Suntech Launches Compact Version Of 60-Cell Solar Module


Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. has developed a new compact frame design for its 60-cell W-Series module.

According to the company, the new slim and lightweight module format is easier to install than its predecessor. The frame design will be utilized on Suntech's new W-Series 260 W modules, each with 60 six-inch monocrystalline cells that together achieve up to 16% module-level conversion efficiency.

In the new design, the module frame has been narrowed from 50 mm to 35 mm, and total module weight has been reduced from 19.1 kg to 18.2 kg. In addition to making the modules easier to handle, the new design allows for more efficient packaging that can reduce total storage and shipment costs by up to 25%, according to Suntech.

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