Suntech Opens U.S. Office In San Francisco


Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd., the Chinese manufacturer of photovoltaic cells and modules, has opened its American headquarters in San Francisco. Suntech's chairman and CEO, Dr. Zhengrong Shi, and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom officially opened the new headquarters office at an Oct. 22 press conference at the San Francisco City Hall.

''The establishment of Suntech's U.S. base in San Francisco reflects the growing importance of the solar industry in San Francisco and a long-standing commitment of the city to encourage investment in renewable energy,'' says Newsom.

''We have already built a strong sales team across the U.S. that has expanded sales nearly sixfold between 2006 and this year,'' says Shi. ''In direct response to customer and partner feedback, we have created a U.S.-based team at this new headquarters to provide a diverse range of capabilities to both supplement our sales efforts and accelerate our U.S. business development initiatives. This expansion is also founded on our belief that the U.S. will become the largest solar market globally in coming years.’

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