Suntech Researching Smart-Panel Tech With Four Firms


Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. has entered into agreements with four companies to develop smart-panel technology.

National Semiconductor Corp. says it will collaborate with Suntech to incorporate its SolarMagic power-optimizer chipset into Suntech solar panels to improve the power output of solar systems.

In 2009, the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding for Suntech to evaluate National Semiconductor's SolarMagic technology with the intention of jointly promoting the technology and developing future solutions. Suntech has completed its evaluation, and the two companies have advanced to the development phase.

In addition, Azuray Technologies, a developer of solar optimization electronics, is collaborating with Suntech to develop technology that will draw on Azuray's maximum power point tracking DC-to-DC technology.

Tigo Energy says it is working with Suntech to develop a product that integrates the Tigo Energy Maximizer Solution into Suntech's solar panels to increase energy production up to 20% and increase the intelligence, active manageability and safety of solar panels.

Finally, Enphase Energy will collaborate with Suntech to explore integration of Enphase microinverters into Suntech panels. According to Enphase, the integration has the potential to simplify and accelerate solar system installation and maximize energy output

SOURCES: Suntech, National Semiconductor, Azuray Technologies, Tigo Energy, Enphase Energy

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