SunWize Developing Two PV Projects In Ecuador


SunWize Technologies Inc. says it is working with three other organizations as members of a North American consortium to develop two solar photovoltaic projects in Ecuador. In addition to SunWize, the consortium includes Solexica Energy Corp., JCM Capital and Radical Energy Inc.

The two projects, known as Condor Solar and Solarconnection, represent 30 MW and 20 MW, respectively. Combined, the installations will feature approximately 234,000 solar modules and are expected to generate between 200 and 400 temporary construction jobs.

Both projects will be constructed in a region of the Andes Mountains called Canton Pedro Moncayo. The area's average temperature allows solar panels to operate at optimum efficiency, while its altitude and location near the equator offer abundant sunshine with few impediments, SunEdison notes.

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