SunWize Named Launch Partner For SANYO HIT Power N Series Module


SunWize Technologies Inc. has been selected as SANYO's launch partner for the new SANYO HIT Power N Series module. SunWize says it will be the first North American partner to carry the high-efficiency SANYO HIT Power N Series module, featuring hybrid HIT technology, beginning in early April.

‘SunWize has the unique capability to launch the HIT Power N Series simultaneously through its large nationwide network of independent installers and its rapidly growing SunWize Systems team,’ says Yoshinori Kaido, vice president at SANYO Energy and head of SANYO's North American solar business. ‘This fact, coupled with seven years of strong and proven partnership, made SunWize our best choice as a product launch partner.’

The HIT Power N uses the same HIT technology as the HIT Power BA19 line and HIT Double. HIT hybrid solar cells are composed of monocrystalline wafers surrounded by ultra-thin layers of amorphous silicon, enabling them to generate maximum power per square foot, according to SANYO.

SOURCES: SANYO, SunWize Technologies

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