Supportive Tax Policy Would Create 10 GW Of Solar Installations


The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has released an independent study projecting significant economic impact from the Department of the Treasury's cash-grant program and the solar manufacturing investment tax credit.

The study found that extending the cash-grant program by two years and including solar manufacturing in the industry's existing tax credit would add 200,000 new domestic jobs to the solar workforce and supporting industries in the U.S. Additionally, it would result in 10 GW of new solar installations by 2016, SEIA says.

The following states would gain the most jobs from these policies: California (60,000 new jobs); Michigan (24,000 new jobs); Ohio, Oregon and Texas (over 13,000 new jobs each); Arizona, Colorado and Florida (about 10,000 new jobs each); Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Washington (about 5,000 new jobs each); Nevada, New Jersey and Tennessee (about 3,000 new jobs each); and Connecticut and Hawaii (about 1,500 new jobs each).

In addition, according to the study, California would add over 4,400 MW in solar capacity. Arizona would add over 1,400 MW, and Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Nevada and New Jersey would each add over 300 MW. Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, Oregon and Texas would each add over 100 MW.

The SEIA study was conducted by independent consulting firm EuPD Research.

SOURCE: Solar Energy Industries Association

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