Surfect Poised For First Major Solargy Order


Surfect Technologies Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Surfect Holdings Inc., has received a letter of intent from a Texas-based solar company for up to 10 Solargy tools to be delivered throughout 2008 and 2009.

This is the first significant order for Surfect's Solargy product, an innovative single-cell electroplating tool and process that improves manufacturing speeds and yields for solar cell manufacturers, the company says. Surfect adds that its tool and process technology offers solar companies improved automated wafer handling, faster throughput and advanced thru-silicon backside metallization.

"This first customer letter of intent is a huge milestone for us," says Steve Anderson, CEO of Surfect." Our development focus is to advance the solar manufacturing metallization technology and provide product differentiation while also providing cost reduction critical to our customers' success."

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