Surfect Technologies Ships First Concentrator Module, Notes Test Results


Surfect Technologies Inc., a provider of interconnect and packaging solutions for solar cells, LED and power management applications, has completed the design and shipment of the first concentrator package for a European customer. The product uses rugged packaging technology and Surfect's advanced wafer-level interconnect solutions, producing 3x concentration, providing a more building-integrated module and lowering the solar cost per watt, the company says.

In addition, successful demonstrations of copper plating over silver paste on solar cells using Surfect's proprietary tool and process technology have been completed. According to the company, these tests resulted in 0.5% to 0.6% higher efficiency, or 4% to 5% increased energy capture from solar cells.

The company also notes a successful demonstration of new metallization process for solar manufacturers that allows copper metal deposition directly on bare silicon using DEP technology, which is expected to result in 1.2% to 2% higher efficiency or 5% to 10% increased energy capture versus silver paste, at a lower cost than competing metal plating systems.

SOURCE: Surfect Technologies Inc.

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